The Cure.... Continued

I'm sort of ahead of the game on a few things and behind in others :)

According to the cure, I should be spending my weekend deep cleaning the bathroom. But thankfully I already did this in stages near the end of December. All I have left is to wash the shower curtain and "display" towels. They are never used, but are a bit dusty. I had washed all the walls and baseboards, and even the ceiling got wiped down. I cleaned and purged the bathroom cabinet and drawers. It was very satisfying!

I have a dentist appointment today, and I MUST remember to refuse anymore freaking toothbrushes, toothpaste or dental floss. Can you see how many we have? 12 things of floss. TWELVE! There are at LEAST 9 mini tubes of toothpaste in there. And a half a dozen toothbrushes. I like to have a FEW of these things on hand in case of guests or travel and such. But I think I have too many. I am going to try and pawn some off on company next weekend :) 

Before - Not bad!

And after, a few things gone and a bit better organized.

Over the last week I haven't done as much as I had hoped to but am still making very decent progress.

I did a small portion of the Living room task, because currently there is a huge table top in the way of the shelves and it is supposed to be moved this evening. So I hope to be able to finish that part up tonight. I did manage to declutter a little bit. I moved a few knickknacks to other locations or to a box in the basement.
And After!

The plan for the table top is to eventually cut it down and turn it into shelves for the kitchen. They will be awesome, just you wait!

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