I'm Cured, Let's Party!

I'm done. There is almost nothing left that could possibly be cleaned (Ok, so I never got around to the broom closet...another day) My floors are gleaming. Counter tops sparkle. Everything is organized to within an inch of its life. I am terrified to cook anything because I am such a sloppy cook and I want it to remain this pristine for ever and ever. Except that it will be mostly destroyed by tomorrow morning. But for a good cause. 

My surprise guest is due to arrive this afternoon, when she does I will promptly GTFO of work! (Shes not here to surprise me btw)

I am SO ready for this party. I think. I feel like I am. Though I am sure I will have forgotten something important. I feel like I forgot to invite someone too... though I can't figure out who. 

Anyway, here's some stuff I did
 Tidy, but with a table top in the way

Table top gone and finished cleaning, even found a place for a few extra flowers. Landing strip in order with some mail sorted out.

Everything dusted and straightened up.

More flowers in the bedroom. New sheets on the bed.

Carafes came!
Also found a new basket from Superstore 

Carafes via special delivery from Rayna, thanks again btw ;) (From CB2, not from her store, but check out her jewelry and accessories shop nolxbelslifestyle.com!) R thinks it's a little ridiculous but I think it looks so much nicer than the big plastic bottle. 

She snuck in a little birthday gift for me too! She knows me so well. Skull lip stuff. So awesome

And this sweet card! Love it

I made a banner for the photobooth. I still have to put up the backdrop, but figured I would wait until last minute so I could still have access to the pantry in the mean time. I think it turned out pretty well. I bought the glitter paper from DollarTree

The Table just waiting to be filled with all sorts of cheese and bacon!  
If I am not too busy, I will try and remember to take some shots of all the food, because it's usually a pretty good spread. I even made a batch of spankopita last night!

 Redbull fridge is stuffed to the max with beers and Rebulls!

Drink station set up! Some more pretty flowers!

 Cheers everyone!!!

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