Patio Goals

I just want to stick this little piece of inspiration here.

Here's our house again... see kinda similar 

This just about sums up what I would like our patio to be when we are all done. Of course we don't have those FANTASTIC windows and the perfect yellow door in the back, but the layout will be very similar. They even have the old door table. Our table will have folding legs to be hung up on the side of the house when not in use. And where the fire pit is built in with patio stones, ours will be large patio stones in with grass, or better yet, living carpet, like below, and will extend down the side of the house where we will put in a gate. I'd like to put clear sheeting on the roof of the pergola for enjoying the rain and staying dry, and install curtains on two sides and the top.

Our zero gravity chairs will go over here, with the portable fire pit

and under the pergola, will be a built in bench-y/sofa thing that will be comfy enough for long hours of outside lounging and doubles as dining table seating! About where that yellow door is located would be where my cinder block bar will go

It will be similar to this:

When I have a yard I will have this!
But it will be a old 5 pane window in behind, done like this
One pane is smashed so I will put some chicken wire in place of the glass to hang stuff on!

Before & After: Windows Saved From a Fire Become Something Even Better 

Check this out!!!!

I whipped up a plan using Planner5d.com

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