Pantry Pintristification!

**Ugh. Yes, I see that Pinterest is not spelled correctly, however I don't want to break the link to the Kitchn's post so I'm just going to leave it be. Don't judge me ;) 

It was functional. Mostly. And yellow. So very yellow!

Before (but after I  January Cure'd things a little!)

 Primed with Kilz, I didn't want any tobacco seeping though!

 R designed and got these custom U-shaped shelves cut. Primed and first coats of white going on! 


 How much better is this? Do you not LOVE the "metal" edge? You know what it is? Paint?
Nope, it was too hard to try and tape a nice line to paint... 

It's Washi tape. R thinks its silly, but I think it looks totally awesome!

Chevron frog tape going up. 1000 times quicker than trying to do it with regular tape I think. 
 I should have taken more time and done my math better, but oh well. I wanted funky color and I have it!
 First ones I painted with a brush and it didn't go that well. Quick trip to Canadian tire for a roller and I was on a roll again ;)


 Touch ups, because I'm a mess and got green all over the place. Also had to re-apply some of the washi tape as I pulled it too tight and it came away from the corners. 

 LOOKIT!!!! It's so pretty! And organized. I never want to buy or use anything ever again so it looks like this forever (I've already had to move a few things around since, but it's still totally organized)

 Stupid Vector doesn't fit on shelves. Whatever.

 That 4-6 inches of extra shelf down the sides of the walls is just awesome. The two top shelves stayed the same depth as they were before (there is one original shelf up at the top that you can barely see) and the two bottom ones were made a little deeper to hold the larger dollarama storage bins. R gave me a hard time for demanding they be that size, and then not using those containers...
I'm a girl, I will change my mind 1000 times an hour. Deal with it ;)

 JARS! Oh the jars. I wanted to do a "water-slide" label on the sides of the jars, but the ones I got were decorative and don't have nice smooth sides for application. This probably works better, because you can see what is in behind, no problem!
Handy to leave the label maker in the pantry!

Source List:

Benajmin Moore - Pure White
CIL - Calypso Green (Buy the expensive paint for this type of job, I had to do 4 coats of green to get it to look good. BM Aura paint would have taken two probably tops!)
Bins - Dollarama
Lazy Susan - Dollarama
Jars and Lids - Ordered online from Home Hardware!
Wire shelves - Wal-Mart
Frog Shape Tape in Chevron (this stuff works awesome!!!!!!! Frog tape for the WIN!)


  1. Love it! I'm planning on U shape shelves for our pantry. Can you provide the dimensions for the closet itself as well as the shelves? Also, I'm wondering if you ever walk into the closet or do you mostly just reach in? Thanks!!

    1. I can't recall the exact dimensions but I will check when I get home! The pantry is right over the stairs to the basement so there isn't really any floor space as it slopes, so its a bit of a lean in and reach situation! Thank you for your comment :)

    2. Here we go, sorry for the delay.

      The Pantry is approx 34" wide by 26" deep. The bottom two shelves are 13 inches deep (not including the edges, which go all the way to the end and are about 6 inches deep) and the top 3 shelves are 10" deep. The very top shelf is original and doesn't have the edge bits.