Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow...

I've been dreaming of a yellow front door since we moved in.

Today is the day that dream finally comes true! I went to the paint store after work yesterday and picked up all the samples of yellow. Hummmd and haaaad and we settled on Benjamin Moore's Sun Kissed Yellow. 

R took all the junk off, and bondo'd the holes and dents and sanded it up.

I primed and started with the tinted foundation 
I was really liking primer color until it dried and was dull. 

Ta da! Here is the real color. It is so bright and so cheerful. It is not the greatest paint job in the whole world. But the door was in kinda rough shape to begin with.

 R putting the hardware back on!!!!! See, the bright happy yellow even makes him smile! :D

Yep. I want a new screen door.
Love it. It is just so sunny!

How sad is it that I am super pumped for the Google Street View Car to come back around and capture this work of art!?!?

If you didn't know, Google Street View will often show you historical pictures of things, so basically Google keeps a handy little log of the progress we've made!


  1. I love your yellow door! (Came over from Apt. Therapy.)