Bathroom of my DREAMS!

The bathroom was the first renovation project we tackled. 

We did manage to live with the horrid pink and blue bathroom for quite a few months. My dad called me up one day and said he had a week free to so some reno work for us, so we jumped at the chance. My Pinterest board was already full of plans and I had an Ikea list ready to go (we don't have an Ikea, so my dad had to bring the stuff from Alberta!)

Here is the before, in case you forgot how horrible it really was

Before (gross!)

How on earth did anyone ever find that particular combination of colors appealing? HOW I ASK YOU!!!!


 R and Dad getting to work tearing the old crap out!
 Vanity and Cabinet GONE! There was a shelf below the counter there that had been taped into place...

 New subfloor, with 1000 extra screws to try and cut down on the squeaks. Tub GONE 

The previous owners planned to redo the bathroom, and had bought a very nice (second hand) soaker tub that had been sitting in the shed for a long time. We were thrilled when they left it for us.

Even with the dirt, it still looks way better than the blue! 

I have to say I really enjoyed just coming home from work and seeing huge amount of progress each day!

Kitty is inspecting the new stuff. He approves. 

Kind of regret not moving all the outlets to the same location, but not a deal breaker by any means! Ikea plumbing was a bit of a challenge with our old nasty plumbing. There is probably a half of a tube of caulking holding it all together...  It totally works though.

My really ambitious tile selection. It was just so pretty that I had to have it. I was dead set on plain old subway tile until we saw this stuff in Home Depot. I needed it. It turned out great despite the issues my dad had with the massive tiles and the extreme tile thickness difference that I did not take into account. It is not perfect, by any means, but I just don't care. I love it. I promised my dad to be wiser in my future tile selection. I sometimes learn from my mistakes.

It was about a week to get it all done, My dad and R's dad did most of the work. I helped by staying out of the way. R's dad was our plumbing guru and made the old work with the new.

And here it is. The most beautiful room in our house to date! 

I am so proud to introduce to you


Custom sign made by my AWESOME mother. After I commented that her recently renovated bathroom was a "real swanky loo" she decided that was her new favorite phrase and called mine, Swanky Loo 2. The swankiest of all loo's!

Art Print by Local friend of the Family - Kris Moffatt
Paint - Gossamer Blue by Benjamin Moore
Shower Curtain - Fabricland
Towels - Ikea
Shower Storage - Canadian Tire

Toilet - Home Depot
Faucet - Home Depot (Shower faucet matches!)
Sink, Cabinets, Shelving, Mirror - Ikea

Vanity light - Home Depot probably I can't remember... it was cheap. 35 bucks.
TP holder - Ikea (Mounted this way = never arguing over the "correct" way) 
Toothbrush holder - Canadian Tire
Fitbit Aria Scale

Last but not least is one of my favorite details. SPARKLY!!!! it came from Rona
I had just finished wiping it down when I took the picture, hence the skewed strand :)

Also, this is the only room in the house with baseboards!!!(besides the inside of the closets haha!)

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