Fresh Paint!

Shout out to my mom who was able to come and spend a few days helping us clean. No one can clean like my mom. She does it for a living after all. She arrived with a trunk FULL of cleaning supplies. She introduced me to Spray 9, it is harsh but wow does it ever have some intense cleaning power.

We scrubbed all the walls with TSP until tobacco stopped dripping down the walls. Gross. Then we primed everything with Kilz. It was expensive and smelly and hard to paint with, but 100% worth it. I cannot recommend it enough if you've got any sort of stains to cover up. Do not skip this step, you will probably regret it (Ahem, we learned the hard way with the bathroom!)

Here we go with some progress. It really is amazing what paint can do. Don't ever underestimate the power of paint!!

Wallpaper came down. This took the better part of a day. I may have taken quite a bit of wall down with me.... oops.
Lots and lots and LOTS of patching to do

View of the living room. Shelves have come down.
This is the improvement of JUST washing the walls! (Much washing and scrubbing with TSP) 

Office - Wallpaper down and walls washed.
Decals to come down next!

End of the hall wallpaper removed. Much patching needed here too

Master bedroom - Trim down and walls washed
They left this cute little sewing? storage thing. I liked it and kept it. Now were ready to prime

My room, trim down, I don't think the walls were washed here yet.
We pulled out all the baseboard and said screw putting it back until we have new floors. 

View of the dining room and kitchen. Looks like a tornado has been through! Drawers and doors coming off to be painted.

My room. Ohhhh first coat of Kilz going on, courtesy Mr. T
Both of our parents were super awesome with this whole process. We couldn't have done it without them!

Office, cutting in done by Mrs. T, who is a pro cutter inner...

Priming has begun on the shelf wall!
Borrowed a steam cleaner for this job too. It got one hell of a workout.

In progress kitchen, my mom in mid conversation and cleaning!

The ceiling in the hall.
That's just primer and its 10000000 times better!

We all thought the railing was painted black. My mom hit it with spray 9 and it was able to cut through I don't want to know how many layers of hand oil. So so so nasty!!!

R's bestie Q came to help us paint. Master bedroom.
It is such a cheerful color!

R cutting in around the windows!

My Room
Primed and decals removed!!!

View from the dining area to the living room.
Primed and ready for paint!

More master bedroom. This is the most colorful room in the house!
So much brighter and happier. The door is ready for paint too.
Tranquil Blue by Benjamin Moore

Yeah we tried to paint around the blinds but that just wasn't working so the boys got wise and down they came. They only broke one in the process :) 

My Room Painted!

Office! What a great color this is. Nature Lover by Benjamin Moore
R is already loading it up with his speaker stuff!

Shelf wall freshly painted and still wet.

Dining room is primed - so happy to have the wallpaper gone
It's turning into paint central in this room!

YASSS! Look at how much better the living room is! Camouflage by Benjamin Moore

Cutting in the hall under way
Light fixture is noticably cleaner! 

 Shelving back up and cleaned (glass doors, not clean yet! obvs! ;) )

Cabinets getting their first coats of Cotton Balls (Benjamin Moore again :) )
We also replaced all the blinds with cheap roller shades from homedepot. They do exactly what we need for not a lot of money and look decent. One day, we will probably upgrade to fancier window treatments, but for now, these are perfect. 

More painting!

Hallway is painted and new light installed (Rona)

Look! A place to sit! a thing to watch! Oh how this room has evolved since! I can't wait to show you more!

To see how things have been changing, check out the "Evolution of the living room" post

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