Dank closets begone!

Do you not just love that green paneling?  So classy. and DARK
There were two large closets build in to our basement laundry/storage area. There are two windows in this space and one and a half of them were INSIDE the closets.
On the opposite wall there was another closet with shelves that were ok, but took up too much space
These closets were useless for us, shelves are far more practical. And as luck would have it, my work was selling off large industrial shelves (with MDF boards even) for cheap!

We went and bought a sledge hammer just for this job, and after the 3rd whack, it came loose from the handle! We used it for the rest of the job and then returned it for our money back! 

Wall coming down, moments after I took this picture, I rushed in to help and promptly smacked R with the wall... I love you! 

"Are we done yet?'

Shelves set up, and 35 dollar area rug!

Look at all that stuff I can fit on these shelves. There is the perfectly sized space on the side for more bins and coolers!
Had we had more time, I would have slapped a coat of paint on those walls to brighten it up even more. Opening up the windows made a big enough improvement for now!

Not pretty, but totally works.

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