Exterior Progress

I'm not going to lie. We have got an AWESOME back yard.  

It was rough when we moved in, and has a long way to go, but here is some progress anyway. 

 Needs a paint job to say the least

Side Entrance

View to the back
Oh man, I was SO excited when I saw that they had left us this portable fire pit! It is just perfect!

View from the garage.
They also left the neat bent willow chair. 

Apple tree that produces some of the best apples! These are no crab apples! 
I just realized how much those willow trees have grown since we moved in! WOW
The junipers have been cut back and I still need to pull the stumps out, will do when fence rebuild happens!

Everything was a bit wild back here. It's since been tamed a bit!

I think one day I'd like to plant a bit of a garden in this spot! It gets the most sun here. Maybe too much. I kill everything anyway..

Here is the new color going on! West Coast Blue by Benjamin Moore
Check out that new light! If we ever put new siding up, it's going to be moved to the middle and up a few inches. Right now, its exactly where my head goes when I want to look in the mailbox :(

 The Cedar was taking over the sidewalk and had to go (anyone want to come remove a stump for me????)

 Trees trimmed back, Junipers gone

Completely painted plus new shingles! Painting the bottom of the house dark was the prefect choice. New house numbers and a new mailbox!

 Edgers in and some planters ready to go

The beginning of my cinder block bar. 

 The rest of the cinder blocks used up to edge the back flower bed. Please don't judge our sad yellow lawn!!
More to come

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