Pin-Worthy Pantry - Update!

Well, its been a month and a bit now since we finished our Pin-Worthy Pantry Makeover (that was totally featured on my favorite website, The Kitchn) and let me tell you. I still freaking love it.

I found an over the door rack on a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond that is just what the doctor ordered. And even a month later it's still totally organized (which for me is SUPER impressive). I find that I'm a little more careful about what I buy, and the amounts I buy it in. If it wont fit in my pantry, I probably don't need it that bad. 

You can tell I went to Costco and found some pasta... takes up a whole shelf :)
It's perfect. And to keep from sliding and knocking around when I open and close the door, R screwed it into the door. Solid! Look, there is even a spot for Vector!

This is my super sweet lighting set up. These little guys work pretty well. They are motion activated and the one jammed in the shelf comes on as I open the door, and thus causes the one on the inside to turn on too. It's almost like having a door switch like in fridges.
One day, R will wire in a real door switch and some more bright LED's. Till then though, this totally works :)

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